2023/24 Season Pass Protection

Pass protection for a 2023/2024 Season Pass is no longer available. 

Kelly Canyon Resort wants to see all our season passholders on the slopes with us this winter! We understand that unpredictable situations happen in life that can prevent you from utilizing your season pass at Kelly Canyon.

Kelly Canyon offers you a credit or reimbursement for your current season pass at a pro-rated cost. This Season Pass Protection is not transferable or refundable. If you do not accept Kelly Canyon pass protection at the time of your season pass purchase or within 30 days of your purchase, you will not be eligible for a refund, roll-over or credit towards your next season pass purchase and understand that season pass purchased are not transferable.

If you purchased pass protection and you become medically unable to ski or ride, or if you are transferred out of the area due to employment, a credit toward your next season pass will be determined based on the following pro-rated schedule. Refunds will not be given unless you will be unable to ski or ride in the future.

For information, Contact:

ALL requests must be received prior to March 1, 2024. Requests after March 1, 2024 will not be considered.

Pro-Rated Schedule Eligible Pro-Rated Amount
Prior to December 1, 2023 Up to 75%
Until January31, 2024Up to 50%
Until February 28, 2024Up to 25%
After March 1, 2024N/A - 0%

I purchased pass protection. How do I request a credit or refund?

Please provide all theree of the following documents so that we can process your request. You may mail these documents via email or mail to the contact info above. Please allow 1-2 months for processing. 

Letter requesting a credit

Letter requesting a credit or refund within 30 days of incident.

Your current Season Pass

Please provide a copy of your current valid season pass.

Official Letterhead

A doctor’s letter on official letterhead stating the reason for non-participation and date of onset, or a letter from your employer on official letterhead certifying a transfer or new job and an effective date.

Credit toward future season pass purchase:

If a credit is granted, we will send you a gift card worth the amount of credit you will receive towrd your pass for the next season. This gift card is what you will pay with and must be presented in person or by phone. You will be responsible for any difference in price. Gift Cards are non-refundable, once issued they are non-replaceable so please do not lose them.

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