Kelly Canyon Resort - Mountain Policies



  1.  Always stay in control. You must be able to stop or avoid people or objects.
  2. People ahead or downhill of you have the right-of-way. You must avoid them.
  3. Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic.
  4. Look uphill and avoid others before starting downhill or entering a trail.
  5. You must prevent runaway equipment.
  6. Read and obey all signs, warnings, and hazard markings.
  7. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  8. You must know how and be able to load, ride and unload lifts safely. If you need assistance, ask the lift attendant.
  9. Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  10. If you are involved in a collision or incident, share your contact information with each other and a ski area employee.

Winter sports involve risk of serious injury or death. Your knowledge, decisions and actions contribute to your safety and that of others. If you need help understanding the Code, please ask any ski area employee.

Substance Policies

  • Open beverage containers of alcohol are not permitted on chairlifts, ski trails, or anywhere beyond the restaurant and designated outside dining areas at Kelly Canyon Resort.
  • No smoking or vaping in lift lines, on lifts or within 15′ of public entryways or exits of buildings at the base area or on the mountain.
  • Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at Kelly Canyon Resort.

Allowed Equipment

The following skiing, riding, and sliding devices are allowed at Kelly Canyon Resort. Homemade equipment is not permitted.​

Skis: Allowed with a working brake binding system or a retention device (must be worn while riding the slopes.)​
Snowboards: Allowed with a retention device (snowboard bindings considered a device; leash preferred.) ​
Telemark Skis: Allowed with a retention device (must be worn while riding the slopes) or a working brake system.​
Monoskis: Allowed with a working brake system or retention device (must be worn while riding the slopes)​
Snowblades: Allowed with a retention device. Must have metal edges. (must be worn while riding the slopes.)​
Ski Bikes/Trikes: Allowed under following the parameters:

  • Must have metal edges on skis.
  • Must have a seat.
  • Only one (1) rider per bike.
  • Must be designed to load lift without slowing or stopping.
  • Must be loaded within the envelope/capacity of the chair; the bike counts as a rider on a chairlift.
  • No homemade bikes.
  • Must wear a leash at all times (on lifts and on slope.)
  • May be restricted in certain areas and on other lifts for safety reasons.


Infants are not allowed on lifts. Infants in backpacks/carriers are not allowed on lifts or ski trails.

Kelly Canyon Resort Uphill Travel Policy

Kelly Canyon Resort proudly offers this non-motorized activity to our guests. Uphilling at the resort is a privilege, please adhere to the following:

  • Park in the designated Nordic Parking Lot located west end of the lower parking area.
  • Access the uphill route through the gate north of the Lodge and travel on Forest Road 218. Do not travel through the Resort base area or up Bunny Hill.
  • Pets are not allowed at Kelly Canyon Resort or the Caribou-Targhee National Forest Nordic Area.
  • Uphill travel within the ski area boundary is allowed ONLY on Forest Road 218 and along the treeline east of Crystal Cruise.
  • Guests must avoid all types of machinery, including but not limited to snow cats, snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment or other mountain operations.
  • Only stop where visible from above and below.
  • Uphill guests must be equipped with lights in ON position and functioning after dark.
  • Be mindful and limit the impact on fresh powder or any freshly groomed surface. Please be sensitive to the fact that uphill travel is a privilege. Thanks!

*All uphill travel is prohibited in Moose Canyon.

*Uphill travel, sledding, tubing, etc. are prohibited on all 141 acres of private property unless authorized by Resort Management.

*Ski Touring is prohibited on the following Resort trails: Skiers Lane, JJ’s, Old Man Flats, Lower Bowl, Face, and Snake.

Violations of Uphill Travel Policy

Violations of the following may result in legal prosecution and/or loss of access privilege:

  • Reckless behavior and recreating beyond your ability within the ski area boundary; not adhering to Your Responsibility Code.
  • Disregarding any/all CLOSED signs.
  • Not following signs, warnings or instructions, or directions from Ski Patrol or Resort employees.
  • Misconduct on the ski area or Kelly Canyon Resort property. Abusive or rude language and/or other unacceptable or dangerous behavior.
  • All uphill users must have a valid day or season lift pass to ride a chairlift. Failure to have purchased a valid day or season lift pass before loading a chairlift anywhere at the resort may result in criminal charges in addition to loss or suspension of any and all pass privileges.

Beyond the Ski Area Boundary

Guests are responsible for their own safety when traveling beyond the ski area boundary. Kelly Canyon Resort does not patrol or maintain terrain beyond the ski area; hazards, including avalanches exist. In the event of an emergency beyond the ski area boundary, rescue services are provided by county Search and
Rescue – this can be time consuming and costly. Travel at your own risk. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking

Please adhere to the following policies when accessing public land from the Kelly Canyon Resort:

  • Park in the designated Nordic Parking Lot west of the lower parking area. Access to public land is via Forest Road 218.
  • Pets are not allowed at Kelly Canyon Resort or the Caribou-Targhee National Forest Nordic Area.
  • Snowshoes and foot traffic are not allowed on Kelly Canyon Resort alpine ski trails.
  • Fat bikes are not allowed on Kelly Canyon Resort alpine ski trails.

Drone/Unmanned Aerial System Policy

Due to safety and privacy concerns, we prohibit the operation or use on or above Resort property of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public — including model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists. Commercial photography crews may receive approval on an individual basis with prior written authorization from Kelly Canyon Resort. This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone use by media or journalists operating above or within the area boundaries. This prohibition extends to any devices launched or operated from Resort property, as well as any launched from private property outside of the Resort boundaries. Please contact the Kelly Canyon
Resort Operations Manager if you have any questions or if you seek prior authorization to operate any such devices within the resort’s boundary area.

Any authorized operation of drones on or above Resort property will be governed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, local law enforcement, and/or U.S. Forest Service rules, as well as those policies separately established by this Resort, which may include certification requirements, evidence of training completion, insurance coverage documentation, indemnification
requirements, and waivers or releases of liability.

Any violation of this policy may result in any/all of the following: suspension of your access privileges to the Resort; the revocation of your season pass; confiscation of any prohibited equipment. Violators may also be subject to primary liability for damages; including, but not limited to, damages for trespass,
violations of privacy, and physical injuries to persons and/or property, as well as legal defense costs.

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